Exterior Insulation and Finish System

Superior energy efficiency and virtually unlimited design flexibility

E.I.F.S. - "Exterior Insulation and Finish System" refers to an exterior wall cladding system, mainly reserved for our commercial clients, where rigid insulation boards are applied to the exterior of the wall sheathing. The boards are prepared and covered with an adhesive base coat, reinforcing fiberglass mesh followed by a synthetic stucco finish coat. Each manufacturer has developed their own combination of materials, accessories, application techniques and requirements.

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  • Fine Line Masonry EIFS Services
  • Fine Line Masonry EIFS Services
  • Fine Line Masonry EIFS Services
  • Fine Line Masonry EIFS Services
What Is EIFS?

Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) is used to refer to an exterior wall cladding system where rigid insulation boards are attached mechanically or with specifically formulated adhesives to the exterior wall sheathing. A durable water resistant base coat material is applied on top of the insulation. Reinforced with embedded fiberglass mesh for added strength. A color retentive and crack resistant synthetic finish coat is then applied. EIFS wall systems are proprietary systems of a particular EIFS manufacturer and consist of specific components. To function properly, EIFS exterior’s need to be architecturally designed and installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

The Benefits of EIFS

EIFS exteriors are energy efficient. The insulating panels ability to reduce thermal loads on the exterior building wall contribute to lower heating and cooling costs. The materials used for an EIFS stucco exterior are lightweight and low cost. There is little or no additional load on the structure. Lower labor and material costs, faster installation than many other siding choices, reduced number of additional coats and the reduced amount of material coatings. EIFS Systems allow great design flexibility, the ability to cut, rasp, form and sculpt the panels into shapes and patterns achieve different architectural effects and features.

Why use EIFS?

Energy Efficient
The insulating panels reduce the thermal loads on exterior walls.

Little or no additional load to structure.

Fast Installation
Reduced number of application coats, faster install than many other siding choices.

Architectual Design
Flexibility to form and shape panels and details into shapes and patterns to achieve different architectural effects.

E.I.F.S. Technical Information

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Adhesive/Mechanical Attachment
Insulation Board
Fiberglass Mesh
Finish Coat
Plywood, oriented strand board, gypsum board, or lumber used to close up side walls preparatory to the installation of finish materials on the surface.
Cement based adhesive applied to insulation boards/engineered fastener's & screws designed for attachment of e.p.s. boards to sheathing.
Expanded polystyrene boards or insulation panels, typically measuring 24in x 48in thickness include 1in-1 1/2in- 2in
Embedded fiberglass woven fabric coated with a cement resistant liquid, reinforces and gives base coat material/eifs walls integrity and helps control cracking.
The final or last coat of stucco i.e. synthetic, traditional cement based or plaster material which provides a decorative surface.